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hey guys, I promised you all that I have a big news for you. so here it is: this is gonna be my last post here. A Beautiful Distraction is my new blog, you can read the full story there.

before that, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who supported this blog for 2 years (almost 3!). it’s been a nice place with so much memories wrapped in it, although it’s virtual. I’ll miss it very much. :)

Ruo Ling.


the last day before we left, we went to Fort Cornwallis.

hi, Francis Light, hi. one of the two history people I dislike. I like James Broooooke!

pinang or nutmeg. I forgot.

I love their recycle bins! they look so happy!

walking to Spirited Away. pfft! I still cant get the movie out of my head lol!

played lame games there too.

after that, we went to this Teochew Chendul. forgot the streets name, it’s off Penang road.


stall owner at very young age!

our last stop was Snake Temple. the snake wasnt as many as my mom told me, but still, scary. it’s not many but they were anywhere.

Dragon’s eye.

look. but my sister said the last time she came here the snake was here also lollol lazy snake!

bye, Penang! :D

oh ya, big news coming soon! stay tuunnned!

Ruo Ling.


Kek Lok Si’s post, as promised. :)

after lunch near Kek Lok Si we decided to walk up there. someone offered us transport for 7 ringgit(?). before reaching this tortoise place, we have to climb up through a, a, I dont really know what it was. it used to be stairs, then stalls along it, then stall owners hanging their stuffs all over, and eventually it became a tunnel. aah, so Spirited Away. (yeap, sorry, I just rewatched it 2 days ago. :P) probably ’cause it wasnt holiday that day, the whole place is… vacant? yes, more Spirited Away. hahaha. and look at those tortoise! they’re so darn hungry. so please, please, anyone who goes Penang, go feed them okay?

Wu-Wei pfft!

trying our best to hang our wishes at the highest branch. then BAM! we went up to the Kuan Yin there, 2 more wishing trees. PEK CEK. lol.

oh hi the lift! I heard that during Deepavali holidays, it took 1 hour to get into this lift. wow, we were lucky man!

see, so Spirited Away right? hahaha!

after being so hot, sticky, tired from Kek Lok Si we were so lazy to search for place to eat so we headed straight to Lorong Selamat (again!). and yay! charcoal Char Kuay Teow was opened!

hmm, this Char Kuay Teow was as awesome as the day before’s. it’s a bit more oily but the taste is stronger and yea, more spicy. aaa heaven! walloped the whole plate of it!

after that we went back to the Burmese Temple. it was so different from the day before. I think we were the only one there apart from the monks and people in charge. went to the wishing well and guess what I wished! the first one I threw Bon Voyage, then it hit me, I should’ve just save that 20 cents up since I dont have that much money to travel. hahaha! then of course, good health!

our parking view. there’s a bar/lounge street near our hotel. and almost like 11pm every night, it will start BOOM BOOM BOOM until I dunno, 2am? confirm will be wide awake when going to toilet midnight.

that’s all for day 3. ciao!

Ruo Ling.


good afternoon! so here, third day at Penang.

the trishaw mural near our hotel.

too bad not LAX. haha! going to to Penang Hill. dear Malaysians, bring your IC for cheaper tix! I forgot but I was lucky! and yea, few days back I heard the news about how jam packed it was in Penang Hill that everyone waited for hours to get down! whew, lucky for us to went there earlier.

we went there around 9 or 10. by the time most of the people already went down so there werent many people. we bumped into school children having their graduation trip! by the way, this is tram 3G. I remember I sat the 2G before, bout the 1G, scroll down!

look at the petals! the colour’s changing! dad says by the time we went down it will turn totally pink.

dad and mom in tram 1G!

haha silly stuffs we did up there! more silly stuffs coming soon in other post, hint: cannon bomb also!

when we come down this path big sister said: ” hey, do you guys think that…… we are walking in a longkang? a really HUGE one.” hahaha! looks like!

I increase the contrast a lot (the mist is very annoying -.-) so you can see the view and Penang bridge.

after that we went to Kek Lok Si for asam laksa. had lotsa sardins lol, ’cause Im like the only one who likes sardin in my family so I kept picking sardin to eat. haha.

coming up: Kek Lok Si! stay tuned!

Ruo Ling.


another reason we went to Straits Quay is this — Charlie Brown’s Cafe. so far there are 2 Charlie Brown’s Cafe here in Malaysia, another one is in KLCC. Im not recommending you guys ’cause it’s expensive and the drinks are close to lousy.  we just had drinks there plus there was a birthday celebration so we got to listen free songs! heh! ciao!

oh right, I’m currently listening to my new love, Taylor Swift’s latest album! will blog about it soon!

Ruo Ling.


Good afternoon! Here’s the rest of Day 2 at Penang. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

ok, I realize that I missed this photo out on the last post, so here it is!

same colour. :)

posing again. I’ve grown so tall over the 11 years that I have to squat like this. haha!

after that we went to Burma road for the 2 temples. But apparently, the Burmese temple was having some occasion and it was jam packed so we decided to go back the next day. so here, the other temple with the sleeping Buddha.

drove to Gurney drive before our lunch.

for lunch, we wanted to try the sister’s Char Kuay Teow at first, but they are closed, so we went to Lorong Selamat (off Macallister Road) to search for the charcoal Char Kuay Teow but they were closed also! thankfully they are a lot of stalls there. so we went down for another Char Kuay Teow instead. here’s sesame sotong (guess so) but I never tried. I hate sotongs.

Rojak! not very bad!

another picture of the sotong after we kacau-ed it.

Oh Jian (fried oyster, something like that). I hate oyster also, so I didnt touch it at all. Mom said it was so-so.

Oh Ge (yam). the sauce is dang yummy!

Har Mai Fun as we called here. They called it as Hokkien Mai Fun Mai Fun. okay, eldest sister said we have to repeat the mai fun if not they’ll mix mee and meehoon together. very nice!

Jeng jeng jeng! here’s the Char Kuay Teow. to be honest, I dont eat Char Kuay Teow. but when this food arrived at our table, hah! like what people say, things change, people change. lol. I ate a lot a lot of it and it tasted really good! not very oily and not so chao long like here. worth the wait!

looook! same as his signboard!

that’s how he operate the stall. write down the customer’s number on the egg so he will not skip/forget/whatever-reasons -slash-excuses-hawkers-always-tell-us.

then we went Penang Plaza and Penang Times Square. okay, so here, Penang’s shopping mall is…… haunted. well, haunted is not the right word but that’s what came up to my mind lol. the shops are very very less and they stuffs are very very expensive, some even more expensive than KL! anyway, I took the picture of this car because of the paint. oh yeah, next time Im gonna paint my car this colour ’cause I really hate those shiny shiny ones.

after roaming around those haunted malls we went to Jalan Abu Siti for the coconut! mm nice! and they even got drive thru service!

after dinner we had no where to go so we decided to head to Straits Quay. new place I guess. there’s not many people around there. but I really like the market place! some of the stuffs are expensive but will be nice to just look around. was raining again hence the backside of “Straits Quay”.

someone please do this in Kajang. I need a way to get rid of my stuffs and I need a way for cheap stuffs too!

back at the hotel, I found these. ridiculous isn’t it? who’s gonna sell at the price ONE RINGGIT AND TWENTY-SEVEN CENTS? or ONE RINGGIT AND SIX CENTS?

okay, abrupt end here. stay tuned for Charlie Brown’s Cafe. Ciao!

Ruo Ling.


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